Safest Online Casino Games

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What are the safest online casino games? While online gambling is extremely entertaining and potentially profitable, it is inherently very risky.

By understanding which games provide the best odds or RTPs (and avoiding the worst), knowing how to choose a real money casino/game and honing your skills with free-play games, you can greatly improve your chances, while mitigating the risk involved.

safest online casino games

Safest Online Casino Games With the Best Odds

Casino odds, or return to player (RTP), is a ratio between the amount staked and the probability of a favorable outcome. Casino games have varying odds based on the nature of the game, those you play against and the level of knowledge required to play.

While gamblers would want to choose the safest games with the best odds possible, this needs to be considered along with individual preferences and the size of the potential prize. In general, the greater the risk (the more volatile the odds), the greater the reward!

Are Table Games or Slots the Safest Online Casino Games?

While slot games have relatively consistent odds or RTPs, table games, such as roulette, poker, and blackjack, tend to have higher potential odds, but with greater variation. This is because other individuals are often involved. Plus, a certain level of knowledge or skill is required to play the game.

So, the outcome is not based on pure chance, but rather a combination of circumstance, opportunity, and strategy. Thus, in very general terms, we can say that table games have better odds (or rather, the potential for better odds) than slot machines or other casino games.

3rd – Slots (High Rtp Slots Games)

‘Return to player’ is most frequently used in relation to slot games. In technical terms, RTP is a percentage of all wagers that a particular game returns. Slots generally boast returns between 85% and 99%.

This is dependent on the type of slot, its features (such as wilds, scatters, free spins and bonus rounds) and the nature of the game itself. It should also be noted that certain varieties, such as progressive or jackpot slots, produce bigger returns but on a less frequent basis.

Some of the highest RTP slots include; Kings of Chicago (97.8%), Starmania (97.87%), Blood Suckers (98%), Uncharted Seas (98.6%) and Jackpot 6000 (up to 98.8%). Mega Joker is generally considered the best odds online slot game. When applying a ‘max betting’ strategy (using 10 coins for each spin), the RTP reaches a staggering 99%.

2nd – Roulette (High Odds Roulette Games)

Roulette has an average RTP of 96.5%, with European roulette at odds of 97.3 % (due to its 37 pockets). However, by applying a roulette betting strategy, such as the Martingale system, chances of seeing a return can greatly improve.

Roulette is still a fairly simple game. Chance and a degree of basic logic have a greater influence on the outcome than skill or high-level strategies.

Some of the best odds online roulette games include; Double Bonus Spin Roulette (98.06%), Live La Partage Roulette, Video Roulette and Premium French Roulette, all at RTPs of 98.65%.

1st – Card Games (High Odds Card Games)

Due to their variety and the increased level of skill required to play, card games have the highest RTPs, but with the greatest variability. Baccarat has an average RTP of 99.2%, while poker and blackjack have odds close to 100%. The latter two, in particular, involve strategically holding or replacing cards to create the best possible combinations.

The games also entail placing and meeting (seeing) bets, or folding, based on your hand, your perceptions and the reactions of the other players. This encompasses basic logic, as well as the ability to both ‘bluff’ and to read the emotions and mannerisms of others. Due to the complexity involved, a number of different strategies, tactics and betting systems can be applied. Read our online poker tips and blackjack strategies for more information.

Some of the highest RTP online card games include; Jacks or Better Power Poker (99.54%), Atlantic City Blackjack Gold (99.65%), Blackjack Surrender (99.62%) and Blackjack Switch (99.87%); as well as best odds online poker games, Classic Blackjack (99.91%) and All Aces Poker (99.92%).

Worst Casino Game Odds

On the other hand, some games have inherently worse RTPs than others. While gamblers would want to choose the safest ones with the best odds possible, players may opt for lower RTP games. Those often boast bigger lump sum rewards.

They may be more entertaining, offer better theming and storytelling elements or they may simply be easier to play; often with fewer barriers to entry such as smaller wagering requirements. Such games tend to have lower but less volatile odds. This concept of consistency may be appreciated by a certain type of ‘gambler’.

Table Games Vs Slots

As mentioned above, slot game RTPs can vary depending on the nature of the game or the approach to gameplay (e.g. betting ‘max or min’). While they’re generally lower than table game odds, they’re extremely reliable and consistent. This is because far fewer variables are involved when compared to games like poker and blackjack.

One can play as a complete novice, with no game plan and very little prior knowledge, and win millions with a single spin. However, due to the fact that this is predominantly due to pure chance, the likelihood of it happening is much reduced.

The fact that practice, skill and strategy have very little impact on the final outcome can be disheartening for the ‘proud and practiced punter’.

Slots (Low Rtp Slots Games)

Slots generally boast returns between 85% and 99%. However, the higher-end RTPs often come with certain conditions, limitations or an element of risk. For example; when playing the highest RTP slot game, Mega Joker, with the minimum bet, its RTP is only 77%.

However, this is elevated significantly (to 99%) when ‘betting max’ (using 10 coins). Similarly, the game that produces the biggest wins and jackpots, Mega Moolah, has relatively low odds compared to other casino games. In general, progressive slots, which incorporate more risk but with the potential for greater returns, have lower average RTPs than other varieties of slot machines.

Some of the lowest RTP online slots include; Farmer’s Market (91,97%), Leprechaun’s Luck (91%) and, of course, Mega Moolah (88.12%). However, one of the worst odds slots of all time is Playtech’s Greatest Odyssey. It lacks many key bonus features (such as free spins), producing an RTP of just 73.57%.

Roulette (Low Odds Roulette Games)

While roulette has an average RTP of 96.5%, American roulette has lower odds of less than 95%. This is due to it having 38 pockets (including a 0 and a double 0), as opposed to European roulette’s 37, which reduces the probability of the ball landing on your chosen color and/or number.

Thus, if you have an option between the two, the choice should be simple. Furthermore, certain variations and features can have an impact on the likelihood of winning, as well as the types of betting strategies you can apply.

Some of the lowest RTP online roulette games include; European Roulette Gold (97.30%), Multi Wheel and Multi Player Roulette Gold (97.10%) and Premier Roulette (97%). With an RTP of just 94.74%, American Roulette presents the worst odds by far.

Card Games (Low Odds Card Games)

While card games such as blackjack and poker have some of the best RTPs possible, they’re heavily influenced by the skill of the player. While luck is still a determining factor, specific circumstances and pressures, along with the knowledge, skill, and strategy of the game’s various players all affect the outcome.

Thus, one the one hand these attributes can help you. On the other – they can also hurt you if you lack them or if your opponents are better than you. Furthermore, table games usually have higher wagering requirements, which involves more risk.

So, although blackjack and poker have the highest odds, in theory, they’re also more variables and volatility involved and, thus, the potential for greater losses.

In addition to this, some online card game variants have lower than expected returns due to additional (or lack of) features. Some of the lowest RTP online card games include; Deuces Wild Poker (96.77%), Joker Poker Power Poker (96%) and Blackjack Bonanza (94.50%). As a progressive video poker jackpot, Jackpot Deuces is one of the lowest odds online card games with an RTP of 93.89%.

How to Choose the Safest Online Casino Game

When selecting a real money casino and/or casino game, certain factors should be considered to improve your odds, enhance your safety and increase your chances of betting success. Read below our tips on finding the safest online casino games.

Brand Reputability

First of all, you should select a highly reputable online casino that offers a selection of games from high-quality software providers. Casinos (and games) can be chosen through a recognizable brand name, positive press and its associations with various gambling commissions and authoritative bodies.

One can also look at online reviews from past and present players to get a gauge on the level of safety, fairness and customer service offered.

Payment and Wagering Requirements

To ensure the safety of your money, it is important to select an online casino that offers secure payment methods through reputable channels. This applies to both deposits and payouts or withdrawals should you win. Furthermore, each game will have a specific wagering requirement.

Certain games, such as various types of slots, entail lower stakes, while games like High Limit European Advanced Blackjack require large sums to be placed in order to play.

Thus, the larger the wager, the larger the risk (and potential loss). While lower stakes games are inherently less risky, they generally have lower odds.

Casino and Game Bonuses

Another consideration is the frequency, quality, and value of promotions that online casinos provide. Most offer very attractive welcome bonuses, as well as coupons, credits and/or free spins on specific games. To increase your odds of winning (while incurring less risk), it is wise to take advantage of casino promotions.

Use them strategically where possible. But also allow them to guide your game choices in order to derive the best value and highest possible returns.

Game Selection

Perhaps most importantly, you should choose an online casino that has a good selection of appropriate games. This may not necessarily refer to the sheer volume of products, but rather a wide (or deep) variety within your particular niche.

So, if you choose to play poker, you should select an online casino that specializes in it and offers a spectrum of high-quality, high RTP poker games, such as All Aces Poker. It is imperative to relate casino choice with game choice, as well as the genre of game that offers the best odds possible while being suited to your competencies and level of skill.

High RTP and Safe Games

Once a type of game, a niche, and a particular online casino have been selected, it is important to view the various game’s RTPs. Most casinos provide these willingly and transparently on their website; otherwise, these figures can be found online as they’re universal to the particular game in question.

While choosing games with high RTPs or odds is recommended, this must be considered along with other factors, such as the size of the potential prize, the wagering requirement and the betting strategy that you wish to apply, as well as any additional features that the game might have.

It should also be noted that games with good odds may not necessarily be the safest as they often entail gamblers having to place a large stake before they’re able to play – which is inherently risky.

Value-added Game Features

Online casino games vary in the type and variety of features that they offer. Some offer more flexibility and choice to gamblers, such as customized wagering amounts and advanced betting options.

Some games also provide a host of value-added features, such as wilds, scatters, multipliers and bonus rounds in slot games.

These allow more opportunities for winning, to increase your returns and to extend your gameplay; all of which, ultimately, increase your chance of success at the casino.

Demo or Free Play Options

For games like slots, it is advantageous to be familiar with bet types/amounts, symbols and winning combinations, while in games like poker, it is imperative to know the rules, tactics, and strategies involved.

The best way to achieve this is through practice. It is wise to select games that you have experience with and that preferably offer a demo or free play options in order for you to hone your skills (before playing for real money).

Free Casino Games

Boost your odds and increase your safety at the casino by playing free games in your chosen genre. Whether it be slots, roulette or card games, such as blackjack or poker, practicing with a demo round (or two, or three, or four) will stand you in good stead for betting success.

Free Casino Game 1: Mega Joker

With an RTP of up to 99%, Mega Joker is a popular choice for free casino gameplay. As a classic 3-reel, 5-payline fruity slot machine, it acts as the perfect introduction to the colorful world of slots. But, with an added progressive element, it also gives more advanced players a reason to practice.

Matching up lemons, cherries, grapes, bells, and watermelons produces wins of varying value, while matching up 3 jokers entitles you to the grand jackpot prize. While there are no bona fide bonus rounds (as seen in more complicated slot games), there is a bonus-type feature that is triggered by wins accordingly.

Here players have the option to either collect their returns or to relocate their winnings to the ‘supermeter’, where even bigger rewards can be won, but with the added risk of losing it all!

A Mega Joker ‘max betting’ strategy can be tested out with demo rounds. Through practice, you can also gauge the best times to cash out or to relocate your winnings to the ‘supermeter’ to further increase your returns.

Free Casino Game 2: Roulette Pro

Besides the distinction between European and American roulette, most variations of the game are quite similar. Thus, any demo version of roulette on a reputable casino website (or app store) will be advantageous. However, Roulette Pro is a highly-rated, popular option offered by most online casinos.

This beautifully rendered offering by NetEnt, features European roulette gameplay (which should always be the first choice given its improved odds), with 37 pockets, including a single 0. To place a bet, simply click on your chip value of choice, and then on a position on the table.

The wheel mechanism – operated via an advanced algorithm – perfectly represents a real-life scenario where the position of the ball determines the winning selections (colors and/or numbers).

Understanding the rules, testing out simple betting strategies, such as the Martingale system, and observing patterns all aid in improving your odds in a real money casino setting. Furthermore, the simplicity (and speed) of Roulette Pro makes it an optimal choice for mobile on-the-go gameplay.

Free Casino Game 3: Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is another high RTP casino game that is a great choice for free play practice. While they’re many variations of video poker, Jacks or Better is among the simplest and, thus, ideal for beginners. It is also great in providing a means to hone your skills in preparation for more advanced poker gameplay.

Once you have chosen your preferred wager amount and bet level, the ‘deal’ button will reveal your five cards.

You can choose to hold or draw new cards in the hopes of producing winning combinations. After this, any winning hand will be shown.

You then have the option of either collecting your winnings or gambling them for a bigger prize. Should you choose this, you’ll be taken to a secondary screen where you have to guess the correct color and/or suits of a face-down card to double or even quadruple your winnings!

Jacks or Better incorporates elements of classic poker with a bonus round slots-style feature. Thus, it is a great opportunity to learn a range of skills that can be applied to a real-life casino scenario.

Boost Your Odds, Be Safe… and Play

Using a stringent set of criteria, as well as your own competencies, to select a casino and/or casino game, while considering which games have the best (and worst) RTPs and taking advantage of demo versions is the best way to boost your odds and be safe at the casino. If you have not decided on the online casino yet, we recommend checking out the Mohegan Sun bonus code, Betway Casino Bonus Code, or reading about the BetMGM Casino bonus code.

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