How to Win Online Slots Games 2022

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Looking for how to win at online slots games? Playing the slots and being successful is a difficult task. Below, we’re going to show you the best strategies and which slots pay the best. Now, want to know how to win at slots? Read on to find out more.

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Online Slots Games

How Many Different Online Slots Games Are There?

Simply put, there’s an uncountable number of options to play slots online in NJ Online Casinos. Likewise, every online casino offers some form of slots play. Naturally, these make up a huge section of a casino’s repertoire.

When you’re looking for the best online slots to play, it’s easy to fall for gimmicks. For example, there are many celebrity-based slots or slots based on popular film characters.

Remember, don’t fall for the hype. Practically speaking, a good way to look for the best online slots is to find online slots games with higher payouts. Ergo, this is key to how to win at slots.

Generally, slots games online tend to fall into one of six categories. These include:

  1. 3-Reel Slots
  2. 5-Reel Slots
  3. 7-Reel Slots
  4. 9-Reel Slots
  5. Progressive Slots
  6. Bonus Slots

First, let’s take a look at each type of online slots game. Of course, it’s important to identify the perfect slots for you when you’re searching for how to win at slots. Now, is there an easy way to win? In a word, no. However, the more comfortable you are and the more experience you build, the better your chances of success.

3-Reel Slots

Thought of as classic slots, 3-Reels are the most basic of slots. Many slots machines favorites, like Lucky 7s and Wheel of Fortune, offer 3-Reel versions.

If you’re after big bucks with your online slots real money opportunities, this version may not be for you. Usually, jackpots are low with 3-Reel slots. Plus, the minimum stakes tend to be low, so they’re a great way to learn without risking much money. As such, there are many 3-Reel slots available online, and most online casinos offer 3-Reels. Again, they’re a great way to start out with online slots games and can help you learn how to win at slots.

5-Reel Slots

Amongst online slots real money offerings, 5-Reel slots are very popular. Naturally, 5-Reels tend to be harder to win (a good rule of thumb is the more reels the more difficult). Of course, what attracts customers to 5-Reel slots is there can be 50 or more win lines. Now, this already sounds like some sort of strategy on how to win at slots.

Furthermore, this means 5-Reels demand more in the way of stakes. Remember, the jackpots are greater than their 3-Reels cousin, with these machines capable of paying out thousands of dollars.

When you’re looking at online slots real money, you’ll probably find more 5-Reel slots than any other.

7-Reel Slots

Next, these slots aren’t as common as the two versions above, but they maintain popularity with experienced slots players. In brief, the simple reason for this is the jackpot payouts. Namely, 7-Reels can offer jackpots of five figures.

However, this version is relatively new and doesn’t really offer great value. Likewise, the stakes are higher with 7-Slots. Plus, they aren’t as widely available, though you should be able to find 7-Reels at the best online casinos.

9-Reel Slots

Lastly, it’s rare you’ll find 9-Reel slots online, but it’s still important to discuss this version. Particularly, if you’re looking for which slots pay the best, 9-Reels are at the top of the list.

Generally, this is because there are more possible winning combinations on 9-Reels than there are for any other machine. Similarly, it’s also possible to win in more than one direction at any time.

Progressive Slots

Now, you can win huge amounts of money playing progressive slots machines. Incidentally, the jackpots are so high because a percentage of each wager is added to the jackpot total. Thus, thousands of dollars are spent playing progressive slots every day.

Note, however, the issue with this version of slots machines is the amount you might have to stake to join. For example, minimum stakes can increase, so it’s important you have the funds to spare to enter a progressive game.

Bonus Slots

Many of the best slots machines to play offer bonus rounds. Generally, these are offered on 5 and 7-Reel slots. However, they can be available on any other type of slot.

In order to qualify for a bonus round, you will need to earn three (sometimes more) Wild Cards or hit a Win Line.

Subsequently, it’s possible for you to win bonuses like extra cash, nudges, and free bets.

How To Play Online Slots Games

First, the easiest way to play online slots games is to start with low-stake slots. Most online and land-based casinos offer slots with low buy-ins, sometimes a dollar or less.

Ordinarily, this is a great way to learn how slots machines work.

Deposit funds into your betting account and set your stake for each spin of the wheel. Then, when you’re ready, hit the spin icon to start playing.

Remember, notice where your Win Line is. Often, particularly with 3-Reel slots, your Win Line goes from left to right through the middle. Of course, for higher reels, you have more Win Lines.

Next, learn when to hold. So, if you have two Wild Cards on your Win Line, hold those if you’re given the option.

Lastly, nudges are important. Most slots reward you with nudges, where you can bring down one or more reels one step at a time.

How To Win At Slots

For the most part, there are many strategies to improve your chances of winning at slots. Here, take a look at the steps below to learn more about how to win at online slots games.

Find The Slots For You

Of course, it can be overwhelming when you first enter an online slots platform. Namely, with so many to choose from, how does one know where the best online slots real money games are?

First, take advantage of the free slots many casinos offer. Now, you may not win any cash, but you’re not losing any either. In fact, it’s a great way to learn how a particular slot machine works before you enter a real cash game.

Secondly, what do you want from playing slots? Namely, are you looking for fun or after bigger jackpots? This should dictate which reels you play.

Now, if you’re after fun, it’s a good idea to choose 3-Reel or 5-Reel slots. Here, there tend to be minimum stakes while still offering chances to win cash, albeit in smaller amounts.

However, if you want a jackpot game, make sure you have the money to fund it. Hence, it’s easy to bet more than you’re comfortable with when you’re after the bigger payouts.

Set A Budget

On the topic of stakes, set yourself a limit before you start playing. Naturally, looking after your bankroll is a vital part of successful betting. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to get carried away playing slots, staking more and more. Clearly, this is a quick way of losing all your money. With preset rules and an actual plan to follow, you will have a higher chance of learning how to win at slots. Remember, don’t get carried away. Rather, play smart at all times.

Discipline is key here. Once you’ve reached your limit, win or lose, end the game.

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Assess The Probability Of Winning

Obviously, this is difficult to do. However, working out the probability of winning can help you decide your stakes. Likewise, it can show whether a particular slots machine or game should be avoided.

Firstly, remember that your chances of winning a large amount of money are low. For example, jackpot slots may seem enticing, advertising million dollar jackpots, but they’re almost impossible to win. Instead, you end up staking, and losing, much of your own bankroll.

Therefore, calculate the odds of winning. Granted, this may sound complicated, but in theory, it’s easy to do. Namely, work out how many winning combinations are possible. Then, divide the number of winning combinations by the number of total possible combinations.

Check The Return To Player

Most online slots are now required to display the Return to Player percentage. The slots with high percentages are which slots machines pay the best. Look for machines with an RTP of at least 97%.

How Much Money Can I Make Playing Slots Machines?

In theory, with online slots real money offerings, you can win a great deal. In practice, though, it’s very difficult to win huge amounts.

If you develop a betting strategy and increase your experience, you’re likely to do well in the long-term. For the short-term, however, it’s best to play games with smaller jackpots. Generally, smaller jackpot games are easier to win than big money slots.

Ordinarily, slots are the most difficult game to win in any casino. Requiring a huge deal of luck, the odds on you winning are a lot slimmer compared to table games. However, some slots have a higher percentage rating of winning than others. We refer back to our previous point – the RTP.

Blood Suckers

The Blood Suckers slot has an RTP of around 98%. Made by NetEnt, Blood Suckers is a 5-Reel slots game with 25 Pay Lines.

Now, it may not be the most exciting online slots real money experience, but it’s popular mostly because of its RTP.

Wolfpack Pays

Likewise, Wolfpack Pays is made by NextGen. Another 5-Reel slot, there are 243 Pay Lines with this one.

RTP is around 97.75%, making it one of the most popular slots to play.

Jack Hammer 2

Furthermore, another slot made by NetEnt, Jack Hammer 2, has an RTP of just over 97%. In brief, this is a 5-Reel with 50 Pay Lines. In short, this is the second installment of the Jack Hammer series and one of the more popular online slots.

Best Slots Machines To Play

Above, we’ve looked at how to win at slots. Now, to the best online slots in terms of popularity as well as payouts.

Wheel Of Fortune

One of the most famous slots machines around Wheel of Fortune. It’s an exciting, high-paced slot which has attracted a huge number of fans.

The downside is the RTP. It’s set at around 96%, which is lower than what we’d recommend looking for.

Super Monopoly Money

Made by WMS, this slots machine features five reels with 25 pay lines. It’s a fun game to play, with plenty of bonus features to enjoy.

Again, though, the downside is the Return To Player percentage. It’s set at about 95%, the lowest we’ve featured in our how to win at slots review.

Final Word on How to Win Online Slots Games

Lastly, it’s worth remembering the tips set out in this article when you go to play slots online. Specifically, always check the RTP and any minimum stake requirements. Also, stick to slots that offer the jackpots and levels you’re comfortable playing at. Finally, choose one of the best online casinos in NJ, such as Betway Casino, or BetMGM.

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